1.    Vis à Vis creates outdoor theatre shows and presents these in most weather conditions. Temperatures can fall considerably in the evening, so please ensure you bring warm clothing with you.

2.    With many years of experience presenting outdoors theatre, we are well aware of the necessary precautions to take to ensure that all shows will go ahead. However, in the event of high winds (strength 6 or 7) or a threatening serious thunderstorm, we will be obliged to cancel a show.

3.    If a show is unfortunately cancelled, we will immediately announce this on our website www.visavis.nl. During unsettled weather conditions, please keep an eye on our website. Weather can be unpredictable and rapidly dynamic, raising the possibility that it may only become clear shortly prior to the start whether a show can indeed proceed.

4.    The stand for the public is covered and the seating, which consists of benches without back support, is not specifically allocated or bookable (open seating).

5.    The terrain, the restaurant, sanitary facilities and the stand are all accessible to wheelchair users. Please contact us to make a reservation for a wheelchair space and we will reserve the number of place(s) required. The number of wheelchair places available is limited.

6.    Bringing your own snacks and drinks into the event is not permitted.

7.    Blankets and cushions are permitted on to the stand. You are allowed to bring drinks and snacks purchased on the Vis à Vis terrain on to the stand.

8.    Taking photographs (without flash) and videos during the show is permitted, on condition these are for personal use only. Feel free to share your pictures with us on social media!

9.    The theatre company and its staff do their best to ensure an undisturbed show. We do our utmost to ensure that any disturbance or inconvenience to our visitors is kept to an absolute minimum whilst safeguarding the visitors' safety.

10.     Vis à Vis reserves the right to remove anyone from the terrain who causes a disturbance.

11.     Dogs are not permitted on the terrain during the show. Prior to the show and afterwards a dog may enter the terrain, but only when accompanied and on a leash.

12.     An advisory age for children is determined for every show Vis à Vis presents. Unfortunately, children below the advisory age of 10 can not be permitted entry. Due to the special effects and the sometimes realistic scenes, we have noticed that things can over excite children. This is not pleasant for the child, nor for other members of the audience and can distract the actors.

13.     You can dine on our terrain. Catering is provided by an external party.

Ticket sales

1.    No rights may be derived from any of the (programme) announcements, price quotations, promotions, messages or any other disseminated information.

2.    Vis à Vis does not accept responsibility for any mistakes in the brochures, the website, social media communications or advertising.

3.    Every e-ticket with QR-code is unique and can only be used once.  

4.    Tickets already paid for are non-refundable. You are free to pass your ticket on to someone else, however this does not apply if the ticket has been bought with a personal CJP or student card.

5.    After paying for your order online, you will receive a confirmation email with the e-ticket(s) as an attachment. You can print these out or present them on your mobile phone.

6.    If you have not received your tickets, please contact our ticket office by phone. We will always find a solution.

7.    The QR-code is scanned at the entrance.

8.    Discounts will only be honoured when producing a valid pass to accompany your ticket at the entrance.

9.    The entrance ticket (accompanied by the discount pass, if applicable) must always be shown when entering the show's location. The theatre staff also reserve the right at any other time to request you show your ticket.

10.     If a ticketholder, for whatever reason, does not use his/her ticket this will be to their own loss.

11.     The ticketholder is not entitled to compensation for any ticket(s) lost or stolen.

12.     Paid-for dinners are non-refundable.

13.     In the event of a show being cancelled, all ticketholders for the cancelled show, in consultation with Vis à Vis and based on availability, will be invited to select an alternative date. In the event no alternative date is available, the price paid will either be reimbursed or, in consultation, be deposited in a personal credit fund.

14.    The ticketing system we use and the online payment service (Adyen) attract transaction fees per order. To offset this, Vis à Vis charges a one-off fee per transaction of €2.50.

15.    One order can contain a number of e-tickets. Transaction fees are non-refundable.

16.     If you have received a promotional code, then this will only be valid within the set promotion period and applied in accordance with the promotional conditions.

17.    No promotional code is valid retrospectively, nor is it valid for an unlimited period.

18.    All promotional codes only apply to the regular entrance ticket price of €32.50.

19.    Tickets with Early Bird discounts are only valid within the specific promotional conditions/period and cannot be changed to a date outside the promotional period for the same discounted price.

20.    Vis à Vis retains the right to change, suspend or terminate any promotions. The theatre company cannot be held responsible for any typing or printing errors.

21.    Purchased tickets may not be sold for a price higher than their face value.


1.    Use of the website

A great deal of care and attention went into creating this website. We strive to ensure that all information is complete, correct, understandable, accurate and as current as possible. Despite our best continuous efforts, we cannot guarantee that the information made available is complete, correct, accurate or updated. If the information supplied on (or via) the website contains any shortcomings, we will do our utmost to correct these as quickly as possible. You can report any incorrections etc. with an email to info@visavis.nl.

2.    Legislation covering the use of cookies

Our website uses cookies to improve the performance of our website and to regulate it to the user's demands. Cookies are small text files a website places on your computer's hard disk for registration purposes. Our website places cookies for managing website statistics (so called analysis cookies), cookies for developing marketing activities in connection with the Vis à Vis shows, as well as other functional cookies.

As standard, most browsers are set to accept cookies. You can change your browser settings to refuse cookies. However if you do this, certain parts of the website may become inaccessible or fail to function properly.


If you would like more information or have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone: kaartverkoop@visavis.nl or call 036 - 82 00 333.

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